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Monday, January 30, 2012

Soda is the Enemy(but I love it soooo)

I love soda!
Diet Soda is my drink of choice.
I'm a soda addict.
I really should rethink this...
I just read another article about how bad soda really is.  Besides helping to keep me fat, they actually make Mt Dew with some sort of flame-retardant chemical thing to keep the flavor together.  Don't even get me started on regular soda.  It has been proven to give you fatty organs.  Fat isn't good on the outside of your body, so I know it's bad on the inside.  Take a look at this gruesome image I found.

On the left is a 250 lb woman(me, almost) and on the right is a 120 lb woman.  The outside differences are apparent, but it's the inside differences that freak me out the most.
Look at her giant heart, and all that extra stuff in the abdomen.  What is that?
Look at the enlarged stomach.
See how her ankles are turned?  That is not how I want to look on the inside, let alone on the outside...
I swear this is the hardest battle of my life.  I can't just stop eating.  Why is it that I had to become addicted to something that gave me diabetes and can kill me?
It's not just soda either.
Food is killing me.
I'm going to stop drinking soda...
if it kills me.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting it Together Part III

Hi to all of you out there who actually read this!


Really...I appreciate it.
So, on to my next great organizational project for the new year.
A Pantry!!!  YAY!
For those of you that don't know, I live in a small house.   No, not small, minuscule.  That's a better word for it.  In my kitchen I have a grand total of 6 cabinets.  Huh, 6 sounds like alot when I actually count them and write it down...
Anyway, it's not.  At all.
I got one for pots and pans and cookie sheets.
I got another for Tupperware and bowls and pitchers.
I got one for the cleaning supplies(under sink).
And I got 3 small ones for food.
I feed a family of 5!
We need way more food than that.
Obviously I do not have the room, or the money (HA!) to add on to my house...therefore VOILA!
The basement door!
What better way to utilise a much overlooked part of the house, by adding some storage to the back of the basement door.  It sure beats the top of the fridge, in plain sight(yuck).
TaDa! How does it look?

The best part is that the shelves are adjustable.  And they hold all of the snack type food, and it is within easy reach of the children.  LOOOVVVEEE this thing!  Thanks Closetmaid for creating it!  I got it at Target and you can too!
Best investment ever!
Did I mention that it is awesome?  And holds lots of food?
I did?
Oh well.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fat A**

I was at work yesterday and I was thinking about my life. About my lifelong struggle with fatness.
In Jr. High I was fat.
As a teen I was fat.
In my 20's I was fat.
I've just always been fat.
As they say, I ate my feelings.
(I must have had a lot of feelings.)
It has always been within my power to change.
I just don't.
I like food way to much.
I feel like my life is pretty much on it's downward spiral.  I'm going to be 35 this year, and I'm married and I have 2 children.  Growing up it always seemed like being fat kept me from the things I should have experienced as a teen and/or a 20 something.

When I was younger it never occurred to me that guys could actually like fat girls.  I always felt like I had to lose weight in order to get what I thought I wanted.  In the end I did finally get some boyfriends, and ended up having kids.
Go figure...
(Really f-ed up self esteem too.)
So now, on the downward spiral why should I bother trying to lose weight?  Nothing is going to change.
My health is screwed up, I eat too much because I like food, and I still eat my feelings.
(Just not as many.)
I guess I'm trying to set a good example for my children, but sometimes I just like food more. 
So here is my
Question of the Day:
Persevere or Quit?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting It Together Part II

Here is the second part to getting my stuff organized for the new year.  I finally got my DH to put together the cubeicals organizer that I got myself, and it looks great!

It fits right on top of the existing shelving unit that I have there.  Now, I just have to work on really organizing the shelves.  Most of them are filled with similar use items, but what is really great is that I can finally see almost all of my stuff at one time! Yay!
I've also decided that since someday I will have a room of my own to put my sewing stuff in that it will have my favorite color theme...
With white and black accents.

It will be sooo pretty when it is done.  Someday...
For now, I make do with the back corner of the house.  It has tons of light, which is great, but it is kinda chilly in the winter.  Oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

It's my little slice of heaven...now if I could only use it uninterrupted.  :)
(P.S.  It is never this clean, just for the pictures.)
Now I'm off to the gym...
for some yoga...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pop Tarts and Personal Trainers

We finally met with a personal trainer (to give us a gym orientation) on Saturday.  She showed us how to use all the machines and stuff.  It was very educational.  I'm not sure how many of the weight machines I am going to use, but I love the elliptical!  After she finished we did 30 minutes.
I went 2 miles! 
In 30 minutes!
I felt great!
Until I woke up the next morning...
I was sore in places that I didn't even know had muscles!
The back of my knee, for example.
I'm not really sure which muscle it is, but it's crazy sore.
I checked an anatomy website and I'm thinking
it is probably the hamstring, because that is where the pain is.
I was walking like an old man yesterday.  It hurts to stretch out my leg...but I'm going again today.  What I really need to do is learn how to stretch out properly afterward.
That will be my next post I guess.
On another note...
I love Pop Tarts...
Almost any flavor...
I could probably eat some pop tarts for every meal,
every day.
So, over the years I have learned not to buy them.  If I do buy them, I eat waaaaaaayy too many of them.
(Because 1 is too many!)
I broke down on Sunday and got some.
Big Mistake!
Let's just say that I consumed more Pop-Tarts yesterday than most people should ever.  I felt very disappointed in myself, especially after having no birthday cake or ice cream at all three of the parties I went to this week.  I guess you could say that Pop-Tarts are my food nemesis.
And the battle wages on!!! Down with unhealthy food!
Up with fruits and veggies!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Get it Together in 2012

Hi there! There's a blog I read called Crap I've Made, and she has asked us to share in some projects/ideas with her this year.  Sooooo, since her first one has to do with organizing her papers, I thought I'd share my ideas with you all too!

Since I pay all the household bills, I needed a place to be on top of things.  I pay most of my bills online,
(I like to procrastinate)
I like the instantaneousness(is that even a word)
of online payments too.
My command center!
That is my desk.  It is not always that organized, but it is most of the time.  That is where I surf the net and pay the bills.
The binder on the left is where I put all the papers.

My first step to cutting the paper clutter is...
Sort it as soon as you get it out of the mailbox.
My mailbox is across the street, so by the time I get inside I already know what goes in recycling, what goes in the magazines/catalogs, and what goes on the desk.
Bill Binder
The mail goes on top of the binder.  From there it all gets opened and placed in the inside front pocket.
Then the date it is due gets put on the calendar.
(also inside the binder)
Front Pocket and Calendar(I need a new one still!)

After it is paid I write the date I payed it, and it goes in the corresponding file folder in the binder.

File Folders

This process usually takes me a couple of days to do, but what really helps cut down on all the paper is e-bills.  I get every statement I can sent to me online.  That cuts down on the amount of paper that comes into my house every month.
I'm being greener that way too.
Another problem she has is how to organize her address book.
I use my phone.
Verizon has this great tool called My Contacts Backup.
It connects with my phone every night about 1 am, and saves all my contact info.  Every night!
Addresses included!
It's a dream come true for me!
My next plan is to organize the disaster that I call my sewing stuff.
Wish me luck!