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Friday, September 27, 2013

Mustache Birthday Party!!

My son recently turned four.  He wanted a Transformers party, but I wanted a mustache party.
So we compromised...he got Transformers for his family party and mustaches for his school party.
He wanted a pinata.  I found a yellow car that was suitable to be Bumblebee, for $5 on sale at Kmart.  But the only mustache one I could find was $30 plus shipping.
That's a lot for something you're going to smash to bits!
So I made one.
In fact I made all the party decor.  Super fast and really cheap.
In fact, the only thing I bought was the bags and plates and napkins.
(Because as of now I can't figure out how to make a napkin or a paper plate!  lol)
I did buy the mustache cut-outs from a seller on etsy. They shipped super-fast and were very reasonable.
The centerpiece is an aluminum can wrapped with a strip of paper bag that I glued the cut-out onto.  I stuck a half of a mug sized flower foam inside and glued more cut-outs to skinny dowels.  Skinny strips of paper bag crumbled up covered the foam.
The banner is paper bags cut into triangles & mustache cutouts glued to a thick black ribbon.  The goody bags are lunch sacks stamped with mustaches.  They sell a small mustache foam stamp at Hobby Lobby for about a buck fifty.
The cake was purchased from a local bakery, Trefzgers.  They make great cake!

I don't have any close-ups of the pinata, but I tell you it was time consuming to make, but with having all the supplies on hand except the streamers, it was cheap and so worth it.  I used cereal boxes and masking tape and glue.  And about 5 hours total. :)

See how cute they are at the photo booth?
Happy Birthday Max!!
He's the one in the pink shirt!  Just like his Mama.  :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Mustache you a Question

I don't know what the new craze is all about...
I have no idea why tween girls (my daughter) and the blogosphere in general are totally and completely obsessed with them.
I do agree that the "not live" version is kinds cute and sweet in all it's plastic and tiny, not hairy, glory.
But in real life...yuck.
I mean it...yuck.
However, she still wants little mustaches to decorate herself and her crew.  So, instead of spending my hard earned cash on the plethora of mustache themed stuff, I decided to make my own.
I made
t shirts
you name it
I made it.
I really think the skirt turned out wonderful...now I just need her to model it for you.
The t shirts were by far my favorite!
I used a large fabric stamp that I got at Hobby Lobby and black acrylic paint that I mixed with fabric medium to make it permanent.  They turned out better than I even imagined.  My daughter loves them.  She wants every color.  :)
Then she wanted me to make her some earrings.  I got these lovely beads on etsy.  They came in tons of colors and were so reasonably priced.  She gets every color and there are lots of extras!!
There is actually a bright blue that I forgot to photograph!  These are such fun in brights and neons.  And they are plastic so very lightweight and easy to wear.
Neon pink is my favorite!!
I got her this super sweet mustache on etsy too!  It is made with resin and sprinkles.  She totally loves it!!!
(though I still have no idea why)
Thanks for reading!!