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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thrift Store Score #4: Hot Pink Mumuu

This is, I think, my favorite thrift store score ever!
(as far as clothes go)
It has 3 very important things going for it...
1. It is pink!
2.  It is my size!
3. It is totally retro and vintage!

Don't you just love it?
It is made of this super soft and silky material...it makes me feel like an old timey movie star.  It has snaps down the front, like a fancy robe or peignoir?  Is that what the fancy ones are called?  Idk.
My hubs thinks it is very funny, and when I try to wear it, he laughs at me...
oh well, can't please everyone, right?
 Best of all, I only paid $2.49 cents for it!
That's a steal, even if I never wear it and only use the fabric...but I will probably never cut it up...it is too pretty.

 I just love the rosette detail on the neckline...
It is made by Vanity Fair too...
Oh so glamorous...dah-ling.
I just need some big shades a la Jackie Kennedy and some feathered kitten heels so I can sip mint juleps by the pool.
Who wants to join me?  Anyone?
Thanks for reading!