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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Damask Tree Skirt

I bought a new Christmas Tree.   I have a really small house and it is hard to fit a tree in anywhere.  It is a super skinny tree and I really love it. The only problem?
The tree skirt I had was way too big.
So, I made a new one.

It was so easy.
The trick to getting a perfect circle???
I used a circle skirt pattern.  :)
This one to be exact.

I got it a Joann Fabric when patterns were $0.99!  I used it to make a circle skirt for my daughter to wear with her Vintage Lucy's Lemonade Stand Tee.
She loved it(too bad it doesn't fit her anymore).

 This was her first trip to the beach.  :)
But I digress...
I used the size 7 pattern because I did not want a skirt that is too big.  It ended up being the perfect size.
In order to make it a tree skirt I had to slit it up the back and I added some interfacing to make it thicker.  Then I edged it all in green seam binding.
I really love the way it turned out, and it is the perfect size for my little tree, in my small house.  And it matches all my other holiday decor perfectly.  :)
Thanks for reading!