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Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Bunny Hoop Decor aka Frank

This is almost the easiest thing I have ever made, and soooo cheap.  Perfect for a lazy crafter like me.
(Not that you are too, but I can be sometimes.)
Anyway, I came up with this idea because the cost is so low.
About $3 total.
I had the fabric and the pompom for the tail.
All I really had to buy was the hoop, and for that I used a 50% off coupon from Joann's.  It came to about $0.75.
I made the bunny template myself on a copier at work(I don't suggest this if your employers keep track of that stuff, but luckily mine don't.)  I found an online pic that I liked and enlarged it until it was the size I wanted.
First thing I did, was decide on the fabric I wanted to use.  I actually just bought this a week or so ago, and it was on sale, so double score!
I knew this was the perfect spring colors to decorate with.
Next, I traced the bunny I cut out onto the wrong side of the fabric with some fabric ink(it disappears in 24 hours)
Then I cut him out(let's call him Francois, I like french bunnies)
Next I tried my best to center Francois(Frank for short) on the fabric square I cut out and pin him on.
I sewed him on, but the cool part is that you could glue him on too!
Modge Podge or fabric glue, or hot glue or even Elmer's glue(the dry time is longer for some of them though.
I left his edges loose so he can fray over time and look very "shabby chic".
After I centered him in the hoop and got it all tight all the way around, I trimmed the excess and tightened the hoop as tight as I could without breaking it.
Then I hot glued on a fluffy pompom tail.
He turned out so cute I just can't stand it.
And Voila!!!(see, french)
Bunny aka Frank.
Thanks for reading!