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Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite City Charm Necklace

My best friend and her daughter used to live in Chicago.
Not a suburb, but really in Chicago.
In a really beautiful high-rise apartment, on the top floor, with a super great view of downtown.
I LOVED to visit them.
Alas...time moves on, and now they live back in our town.
Don't misunderstand, we love having them back, but her daughter really misses Chicago.
So I thought I'd make her this necklace as a way to remember that she could wear.
It was really easy too.
I got to use the drill(I love power tools too).
Luckily my hubs had just got himself some new drill bits and there was a teeny tiny one that was perfect for this project!!
First of all, I had saved a small map of Chicago that I got on our last trip up there.  (It was from our hotel and it was free!)
I got my Modge Podge and scissors, large jump rings and a pre-made red ball chain.
That is it!
Shh, I made the Loop Subway/El one for my daughter, she just doesn't know it yet.
Don't they look super great???
The heart one is special, because I put the heart right on the corner of where they lived the first time we visited.
Right on the corner of Clark and Fullerton.
(Lucky for me the free map had both of those streets on it)
Anyway, I used the Modge Podge to affix the maps to the hearts, and then I shellacked a layer over the top to make it really sturdy.
I really hope she likes it.
Oh yeah, we are going up there on Monday for Spring Break!!
It's going to be a ball.
Thanks for reading!!