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Friday, May 10, 2013

Upcycled Postcards

 My friend Laura came over the other day and gave me the greatest idea.  (Actually it was her kid, but shh, don't tell her)
She was making postcards out of old cardboard food boxes!
I thought it was brilliant!
So, of course, I had to make some too.
Think of all the old things you can make into these.
Record albums, toy packaging, game boxes! Endless!!
I'm going to send them to camp with my kid
(pre-addressed and stamped too)
that way she can easily send off letters to everyone she loves(and knows).
They are very easy as well.  As long as it is a minium of 3.5x5 and as think as an index card, it can be mailed as a postcard.
Mine are 4x6, just to make the measurement easier.
I used another postcard that I had on hand to trace.
 See the backs?  I was at Hobby Lobby and I found this!
It couldn't have been more perfect...and the best part??  It was 40% off this week!  Super!
I just love how they turned out!
So bright and colorful!
Make someone's day when they open the mailbox!!
Thanks for reading!!