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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY Personalized Wedding/Family/Kid Gift

I have given up Facebook.  It is a very hard thing to do.
Very. Hard.
I deactivated my account last night.
Why? Do you ask?
Because it causes so much drama...
So. Much. Drama.
And I usually hate drama.
So I have had to find new stuff to do....lots of Pinterest, and Amazon and this new page called Tagxedo.
I made some really cool word clouds today.
You put any words you want to use and you can pick the shape and the colors and save it as a JPEG file.
I made one for every family I know.  It would be a cool wedding present too.  You could do the Brides name and the Grooms and their last name.  The date maybe too?
Here is the family one I made.

Here's the wedding gift for my brother and his new wife. I hope they like it.

Here is one that I made for some friends of mine...I already cropped this one.

These would also make great kids gifts.  Here are the ones I made for my kids.

My baby boy's star. This one is un-cropped.
My sweet girl and darling daughter's heart.

There are just so many different cool ways to do these, I spent hours today making some as gifts for all of my friends and neighbors.  I figured out how to make them into really cool wall art at Wal-Mart Photo Center!  I'm going to take a minute and tell you how.
1. Go to Windows Photo Gallery and crop it to an 8x10.  I did this so I could crop off the border and the words.  I think it looks better this way.
2.  Upload the cropped pic to walmart.com photo center.
3.  Choose Wall Art, then Mounted Photo.
4.  Choose horizontal 8x10 and choose the word cloud of your choice.
5. Order it and you're done.
Super easy and only around $12.  There is a coupon on their website right now that allows you to get $5 off an 8x10 mounted photo, so that makes it about $8.  The very best part?  It is done in about 4 hours.  Perfect for a last minute gift. 
Take that FB!  I can still spend hours on the computer without you.
Thanks for reading!  :)