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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Movin On Up...to a de-luxe iphone in the sky-y-y...

Well, I did it. I finally took the plunge...I got a smart phone.
And not just any smart phone, I got an iPhone.
Ack! An apple product. I've been anti apple for...ever awhile now.
Surprise! I love it. Really. Love. It.
My iPhone...I even like the way that sounds.
The best part?
It was free.
Yep, you read that right f r e e.
I hoarded waited to use my upgrade until the exact right time. Good thing too, because my darling daughter lost her phone while on vacation. In Tennessee.
She got my old one, I got a new one! Yay!
My favorite new apps you ask??
FB(of course)
Twitter(I'm a loser, I know)
It's just awesome to be able to have all this stuff with me at all times. All the time! And I LOVE IT!!!
I love to Instagram pics of my kids. They are so cute.


*Sigh*  I just love my new phone and wanted to share...
Thanks for reading!