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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Color-Coded Family

How do you keep your life organized?
How does anyone keep stuff under control?
In today's society we have the urge to have and have and have.  We buy so much stuff that it almost seems frivolous at times.  Even without buying stuff all the time with a family of 5 it's hard to keep every body's stuff straight.  So I can up with a brilliant(I think)idea. 
I color coded everyone.
My husband is blue
I am pink
Reilly is yellow
Cristian is green
And Max is now red.
It actually works out because there are (as of now) our favorite colors.  Max didn't have a color until today.  He loves Disney Cars so much, that I decided red was the way to go.  It as between that and brown, and I really didn't like the idea for my baby.  Besides do they even sell brown toothbrushes?  Probably not.
Easy rack to hang them on too.
So, this color coding thing started with bath towels.  when I moved in with my now husband, I would go to take a shower and all the towels would be gone. Where did they go you ask?  Directly from the bodies to the floors of the children.  So days later I would find a wadded mildew mess of towel in each of their rooms.  Hence, the towel assignments.  This led to other things...toothbrushes, drinking glasses, anything that I can find that we all have to have one of is "our" color.  This truly cuts down on the confusion and misplacement of things.  So now when I get the "Mom, I can't find my towel!" Coming out of the bathroom, I say, "well, did you leave it on the floor of your room?"  Usually I get an "Oh man, can you get it for me mom? Pleeeeaaaasssee?"
Sometimes I do.
See the glasses?  The kids have to use their color, but as grown-ups, we can use whatever we want.  It works out pretty well for us.  I can imagine it would work equally as well for people with larger families than mine.  try it, you just might like it!  :D