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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monogram Wall Art Gift for a Bestie

Today I got crafty with my daughter.  It is her bestie's birthday party today and we decided to make her something for her brithday!  I had these 8x10 canvases from a room decoration from awhile ago, and I saw this idea on Pinterest.  But, I wanted a more kid friendly version so I came up with the idea for this one.  Her bestie's name is Morgan, and
she love, love loves pink. So this is perfect for her.  Ry and I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday(I know. I love it there too) and I let her pick out a wooden letter.  These were perfect size and very pretty.  (And only a $1.99)  She got to also pick out the shade of pink that she wanted to use(for $0.67).  So the whole thing cost under $3!!  I should've taken pics of her painting it, but my house is a disaster, soooo, nope.  She picked the fabric too, from my scraps stash.  She loved being able to help/make this herself, and it will be the perfect thing for her friend.  We got her a R too, so she can make her own for her rainbow room.  Not today though...theyre's only so much 9 yr old crafting that I can handle for one day.  Thanks for reading!