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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vintage Tuxedo Shirt=Ruffled Pillow{tutorial}

Today I was green...
I took this super funky vintage tuxedo shirt,
and made it into...
 This...a great ruffled couch pillow.

See how well it matches the other 2 I made at sewing group on Sunday. The peach colors match perfectly. And, they add a great pop of spring/summer color to my living room.
Now if I can keep my family from drooling on them. :)

You wanna know how?
All you have to do, is cut a square
(or rectangle, or circle)
out of a shirt.  Be sure to include the button part because that is how you insert your pillow!  Genius, right?
All I did was sew it up inside out and turn it right side out and stuff in the pillow and button it up!  Imagine all the cute pillow covers you could make.
Crisp white ones for the bedroom,
Playful plaid ones for the den,
Silly stripes for the kids,
The possibilities are endless..
Have fun creating!

                        Sugar Bee Crafts