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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Mile in My Shoes

~Personal Triumph Announcement~
(it's like a PSA, without the annoying beeps)

Last week I ran/walked a mile and timed myself.
The last time I did that was in December.
I was super surprised that I actually improved!
I went from 25 minutes
12 minutes!!!

I was so proud of myself!  I didn't actually run the whole thing, but I pushed myself and ran more than I thought I could.
The working out is going pretty good then, it is still the eating that is not so good.

You all know by now that I am a stress eater.
I get sad and I eat.
It is a horrible habit and right now I'm having a troubling time in my life, so the eating is pretty much out of control.
The plus side to that is that I haven't gained any weight!

The downside to all that running is that I was super(and I mean super) sore for most of last week.  I mean so sore that I couldn't walk up and down stairs without wincing in agony...
It was hilarious!(for the people watching)
For me, not so much.  I didn't run for the rest of the week.
Oh well, I did go walking and I played with the baby at baby gym...That counts, right?
I've got to start getting more motivated in my running if I want to run the Pumpkin Race in September!
And I will(attempt it at least)
Thanks for reading!