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Monday, August 20, 2012

Funky Dresser Re-Do

I finally finished this old dresser...
It was a mess when I got it.
There was mildew on the bottom and the knobs were all mismatched, but it was only $7!
I know right?
Here's what it looked like before.
See, I started it last fall. I have no garage, so I have to paint when the weather is nice.  Or inside, and no one likes that!
Anyway, I had to remove all of the mildew before I could store/paint it. I did a lot of Internet research..it was really easy, just time-consuming.  But it turned out great!

Here is what it looked like right before I started to paint it.  Do you know how hard it is to find gray paint?  All I wanted was gray, not Argent or Bear Creek or Down Pipe
(those are real names, really!) just gray.
I finally found one...Casual Gray.  It is perfect.
I got the paint at Menards, its Dutch Boy High Gloss and all I needed was the little one. 
I had to use primer too though because it was bare wood. Thankfully I did and the finished product came out wonderful!! I really love it. I even lined the drawers with polka dot paper.  So pretty!
Here is a sweet picture of the drawer liners.  I love polka dots!!  All it is is good wrapping paper that I Modge-Podged onto the bottom!  They look 110% better than they used to!
I had a hard time finding new knobs though.  There are 12 knobs on this thing!  12!  I finally settled(after buying and returning about 50) on mismatched for the 4 little drawers on the top, and some of the old white ones with 4 new ones for the bottom drawers.  I think it looks a little shabby chic, or cottage chic.  I want my house to look like a beachside cottage.  :)
Here are some pics of the next dresser re dos...
Let's hope they don't take as long, but they probably will!  :)

They are beauties though, and will re-finish oh so nicely!!
I will post some pics when I get them done.  Sometime.

Thanks for reading!

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