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Friday, August 31, 2012

~~White Paint is Magic~~

Last week I decided to tackle some small projects..
Lots and lots and lots of painting.
I did 2 nightstands,
a doll bed,
and about 15 picture frames.
All in a lovely shade of white.  You see, I've decided that I want my tiny little house to resemble a beachy cottage.  Complete with hardwood floors, white trim and distressed everything else.
With splashes of bright color everywhere!!
It is going to look so perfect when I am done.  And all of my beachy vacay souvenirs will look phenomenal!!
(after the baby gets bigger and I can display them without fear of breakage)
So, without further adieu....
I turned this
Into this!  Isn't she beautiful?

(yes, my bed is unmade and that is my neighbors house right over there)
But I think is looks so wonderful...and I might change the knob.
Maybe.  I do so like to be indecisive.  :)

See how cute it looks with some of my stuff on it?
I'm going to make an adorable bedding set for the doll bed and I will post that sometime too.  I will post the other nightstand some other time.
(Right now we are bracing for all the rain residuals we will get from Hurricane Issac)
I still have a side table, a bathroom mirror and cabinet, and my dining room set to do.  Someday...

See...I told you white paint is like magic!!