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Sunday, September 23, 2012

What to do with a $$$ Store Pumpkin?

I was shopping at The Dollar Tree(my fave) the other day and I came across these great little foamie-like pumpkins.
They look a little fake, but some spray paint will fix that right up.
I've been pinning all these cute little pumpkins here and here and here, here, here.
There are just sooo many cute ideas out there...I had to narrow it down to a few of my faves.  I also love to do fake ones so I can reuse them over and over and over. :)
First I spray painted them all black.  I used basic high-gloss paint.  Nothin fancy.  They have a center seam that looked totally fake, so I hot glued ribbon around it.  Tres facile!  Then I hot glued a previously painted wood letter to the ribbon seam.
 I think they turned out pretty cute.
I let my daughter glue googly eyes all over this one.  I love the orange goblet to display it(That was a thrift store score.)
I used some new editing software called PicMonkey...
and...well...I don't really like it.
You don't even want to know how long it took me to do this, and then figure out how to save it to my computer.  I ended up with about 4 copies, and in every one of them I had spelled pumpkin wrong.  Duh.
I have a bunch more cute pumpkin ideas in the works.  Check back in a couple of weeks to see em!!