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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dolly Panties

My sewing group finally got together again last month and made some Dolly Panties.  I got the super awesome tutorial and pattern here at Make it and Love it.
I changed it up a little, because I really dislike sewing with elastic thread.  I mean it really dislike.
Anyway, we used skinny little elastic and guess what?  I thought they were way easy because there is no thread changing(which is the bane of my existence) and sooooo fast.  I made 3 pairs in under an hour.
My friend Adie of Crazy Adie's Creations won an awesome gift box from Pick Your Plum that had all these super cute little decorative elastics in it.  We decided they would be perfect for little panty trim.  We were so right.  :)
I love the aqua on the black & white stripe.
The best part?  These were totally free to make too!  I used knit scraps and elastic on hand(as well as gift box pretty elastic).
My daughter loves them too and now changes her dolls panties almost daily.  :)

Thanks for reading!