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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Eggs...or lack thereof

So, I have survived three days of my own personal war, I do this by being very strict on myself.  Because of my children, and the fact that I went to the store before I started The Food War, I have a house full of sugary cereal, pop-tarts and cereal bars.  These items are so not good for me.  I have surprisingly refrained from eating them and have eaten the same thing for breakfast every day so far.  2 eggs overeasy and one piece of wheat toast with a small amount of margerine.  I love eggs so this is not a problem for me.  However, this morning we had no eggs.  My husband, who shall not be named, went to the grocery store yesterday after breakfast and did not buy any.  So I almost had a breakfast meltdown!  I checked my blood sugar, and decided not to eat.  This is a dumb idea I know...so I eat some toast.  2 pieces.  Scary I know.  I'm a creature of habit so it is rather difficult.  But I survived and will live to fight another day.