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Monday, July 25, 2011

What about pizza?

Hello Again!  I've been thinking alot about why I started a blog.  I think I wanted to keep myself accountable.  If I tell about my daily adventures, with some fun and education thrown in I won't be able to lie to you, so I won't lie to myself.  I want you all to take a look at that picture of me, there on the right.  That was me 50 lbs ago.  I know. I look pretty good right?  Believe it or not, I actually still thought I was grossly fat in that picture.  I loved that dress, and I wonder if I even still have it?  Hhmmm.  Anyway, yesterday was a bit of a challenge for me.  After the egg incident it was harder for me to get in the groove.  I had 2 pieces of pizza for lunch (not my best choice, but at least it's not 4 like I really wanted) and an apple and some Kashi Cereal for dinner.  I just wasn't in the mood for a salad yesterday I guess.   (Side note, the Kashi cereal is totally gross, but it was the healthiest choice in our cafeteria besides salad.)  The dietitian I met with awhile back gave me all kinds of pointers(most I already knew) because, let's face it, I've been a diabetic for my entire adult life.  I've met with a dietitian more times than I care to admit.  When I found out I was diabetic, when I got pregnant with each of my babies, every time I switched doctors...the list goes on and on.  Back to my original thought,  She told me about eating foods in their most natural form.  What does that mean?  It means to eat food with the least amount of ingredients.  For example, eggs, green beans, chicken, steak, milk, apples, bananas.  These are all foods in their natural form, without all the processing that goes into things like pizza and applesauce and chicken nuggets and hot dogs and things you buy that are ready made.  Those ready made items have all sorts of additives and preservatives in them that make them unhealthy for your body.  So I aim to eliminate most of those things from our daily diet.  I will still occasionally allow my children to have pizza and chicken nuggets, but moderation is the key.  She actually told me that if I can make these things from scratch it would be healthier, because then I know EXACTLY what I am putting in them.  Sounds good right?  Wrong!  Who has time to make everything from scratch? Not me.  So now I spend a lot of time looking at labels.  It makes the shopping take a little bit longer, but it will be worth it in the long run.  And believe it or not, when I put on my scrubs yesterday they were a tad looser.  I was really surprised too.  I know it's probably not pounds, but it could be some inflammation and water weight from eating better! Yay! So, on with the war and good luck to anyone out there who is trying to eat better to live a longer, healthier life. oxox