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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, today I have to start out with a confession...I feel it is my obligation to tell you that I had a child size cup of frozen yogurt last nite after dinner.  It was at The Spotted Cow and it was yummy.  I don't feel like I've cheated though.  Like I said before, moderation is the key.  My day started out just like any other day...this eating thing is getting soooooo much easier.  I used to mindlessly snack all day long.  And a snack for me was a whole peanut butter sandwich, or the same as what Max is eating, plus the part he didn't finish.  As a mom that is probably the worst thing we do to ourselves.  We eat our food, and so not to waste food we eat our kids leftovers.  I've solved this problem by only getting him out one thing at a time. I put the rest in a Ziploc bag and I leave the kitchen.  For me that was problem solved.  You know, the first 2 days I was on "The Food War" I obsessed over food, what I could eat and that I couldn't.  My tummy growled almost all day.  I'm 6 days into it and I can't remember that last time my tummy growled.  It took my body way less time than my mind to adjust.  Neato!  I thought I would have to keep myself totally busy to forget about eating, but it was only habit...my body did not really need that much food.  I know most people think the best way to lose weight is to not eat.  Yes, you might lose weight at first, but then your body goes into starvation mode. It really thinks you're starving to death.  It slows down your metabolism to conserve what little fuel you're giving it.  So, the rundown on what I ate yesterday is, breakfast was...you guessed it.  Eggs and 1 piece of toast!  Lunch was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (yes, I know.  but I love PB&J), and for dinner was had chicken breasts, green beans and sweet potato fries.  It was a nice family dinner.  I even made mac and cheese for the big kids for lunch and only had a bite!  Just to make sure it wasn't hot...  I let the dog eat the leftovers and now I'm his new best friend.
Ain't he cute? If anyone in our house needs fattening up it's him. 
I bet you're wondering if I ever work out...well, the answer to that is no, not yet.  I wanted to get the eating thing down pat before I started a workout regimen.  Baby steps.  I know personally if I tried to do it all at once I would fail and go right back to my old, unhealthy ways.  On another note, I watched a movie last night on the couch, and I did not have popcorn!  I was doubly impressed with myself for that.  It is still an uphill climb, but I'm up for the journey and I will keep at it until I am a healthier, happier me! oxox