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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Pasta or Not to Pasta...That is the question

I'm starting to think this Food War thing is getting redundant.  I know that I haven't been challenged for days, but once I go back to work today it's going to be very hard.  I work at a hospital.  One where drug and home health care reps bring in food.  Food by the truckload!!  Cookies, candy, pasta...I wonder if that is part of the reason that I gained so much weight so quickly.  I was just mindlessly eating it, all of it.  So far I've done great at work, but no one has brought
anything in since I started.  So I guess I'm just going to have the same willpower that I have at home when it comes to the cereal, pop tarts and snacks!Yesterdays menu was so easy it is ridiculous.  I had the same breakfast as usual, then for lunch was 2 cheese roll ups, and dinner was 2 brats with mixed veggies.  I still can't believe it myself; that was all I ate yesterday!  Because I'm a diabetic I have to eat a certain way.  Most people diet and look to eat foods with lower fat content, but fat isn't all bad. When those food companies take all the fat out of a food they take a lot of the flavor with it.  So      they're left with something fat-free and flavorless. Yummy sounding right?  I guess they figured people wouldn't buy something with no flavor...their solution.  Add sugar.  Yep, believe it or not, most low-fat and fat-free foods have more carbs than the regular version.  And the regular version still tastes better! Carbs=Sugar=Bad for diabetics.  I learned this while looking at labels, and again asking my friendly dietitian.  So these foods end up harming me and my blood sugar levels. Which is bad for my body and makes me unhealthy(remember the reason for the Food War).  I am fully supportive of a balanced diet, low in carbs and high in fiber.  For me carbs are the enemy....then why is pasta so good?  Thankfully they now make whole wheat pastas and high fiber pastas. This makes eating it easier for me.  When a food item has more then 5 grams of fiber in it I can subtract that amount of carbs from the carb amount.  Pretty neat huh?  So when I shop I look for things that are high in fiber.  You need to be careful tho, because a label can say high-fiber but not be high fiber.  Just high for that type of food.  See, the food companies will put even half truths on boxes to get you to buy it!  Did you also know that some vegetables and all fruit has carbs in it?  Yep, potatoes are the worst, followed by peas, and corn.  Sadly all my favorites.  So we cut down on those and eat lots of green beans.  At least I can still fix them with a bit of margarine and seasoned salt, then they taste phenomenal.  So that about wraps it up today, tune in tomorrow for the next bit of wit ans wisdom from a self proclaimed Food Warrior!  oxox