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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I'm Wendy and my friend  talked me into starting a blog.  She wanted me to post recipes and what I'm eating on this, my so-called "Food War".  So here goes...I'll give you a little background on me first.  I am married with 2.5 kids.  There we are at Christmas last year.  I work full time at a hospital as a respiratory therapist.  I love to shop, sew, craft and eat.  Hence the predicament I am in now.  You see, I have always been overweight, but the last 2 years I have gained 50 lbs.  Yes, sadly 50 lbs.  It's almost like a whole person.  (A little person, but still a person.)  I'm also a diabetic, which makes this obscene weight gain that much more difficult.  I had an appt the other day and when she made me get on the scale and I had realized the weight gain was so high I vowed then and there that I would do something about it.  I now have to rethink my whole attitude on food.  I cannot eat whenever and whatever I want anymore.  I have to become a healthier person.  For my children and my husband and my family.  So on this day, Day 4 of The Food War, I'm starting this blog to share my experiences with you.  The good and the bad, and I'm hoping to inspire many more of you to begin your own "Food Wars" to become happier and healthier yous.  :)