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Friday, January 6, 2012

Get it Together in 2012

Hi there! There's a blog I read called Crap I've Made, and she has asked us to share in some projects/ideas with her this year.  Sooooo, since her first one has to do with organizing her papers, I thought I'd share my ideas with you all too!

Since I pay all the household bills, I needed a place to be on top of things.  I pay most of my bills online,
(I like to procrastinate)
I like the instantaneousness(is that even a word)
of online payments too.
My command center!
That is my desk.  It is not always that organized, but it is most of the time.  That is where I surf the net and pay the bills.
The binder on the left is where I put all the papers.

My first step to cutting the paper clutter is...
Sort it as soon as you get it out of the mailbox.
My mailbox is across the street, so by the time I get inside I already know what goes in recycling, what goes in the magazines/catalogs, and what goes on the desk.
Bill Binder
The mail goes on top of the binder.  From there it all gets opened and placed in the inside front pocket.
Then the date it is due gets put on the calendar.
(also inside the binder)
Front Pocket and Calendar(I need a new one still!)

After it is paid I write the date I payed it, and it goes in the corresponding file folder in the binder.

File Folders

This process usually takes me a couple of days to do, but what really helps cut down on all the paper is e-bills.  I get every statement I can sent to me online.  That cuts down on the amount of paper that comes into my house every month.
I'm being greener that way too.
Another problem she has is how to organize her address book.
I use my phone.
Verizon has this great tool called My Contacts Backup.
It connects with my phone every night about 1 am, and saves all my contact info.  Every night!
Addresses included!
It's a dream come true for me!
My next plan is to organize the disaster that I call my sewing stuff.
Wish me luck!