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Monday, January 30, 2012

Soda is the Enemy(but I love it soooo)

I love soda!
Diet Soda is my drink of choice.
I'm a soda addict.
I really should rethink this...
I just read another article about how bad soda really is.  Besides helping to keep me fat, they actually make Mt Dew with some sort of flame-retardant chemical thing to keep the flavor together.  Don't even get me started on regular soda.  It has been proven to give you fatty organs.  Fat isn't good on the outside of your body, so I know it's bad on the inside.  Take a look at this gruesome image I found.

On the left is a 250 lb woman(me, almost) and on the right is a 120 lb woman.  The outside differences are apparent, but it's the inside differences that freak me out the most.
Look at her giant heart, and all that extra stuff in the abdomen.  What is that?
Look at the enlarged stomach.
See how her ankles are turned?  That is not how I want to look on the inside, let alone on the outside...
I swear this is the hardest battle of my life.  I can't just stop eating.  Why is it that I had to become addicted to something that gave me diabetes and can kill me?
It's not just soda either.
Food is killing me.
I'm going to stop drinking soda...
if it kills me.