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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hooray for Small Victories

Here's to small victories!
A couple of days ago I made a decision to stop drinking soda.
I am sad, because I truly love soda.
Truly and deeply...
So for me to tell you this is inspiring to me.
2 days...
without soda.
This has been the hardest 2 days of this war so far.  The true test of time is work.  I usually drink a 20 oz when I first get there, then I get a 32 oz fountain soda that lasts me until I get off.  Last night I went for 4 hours without drinking anything.  It was torture.  My mouth was so dry.
Like the desert.
First thing I did, was hit the gas station for some Propel Zero.  It's not very good though, so I don't recommend it.  It has a nasty aftertaste.  But I drank it all, then had the other one...
Today will be the true test, an 8 hour shift.
I will let you know how I do.

Tomorrow e are going to our favorite indoor water park, for some much needed family time.
All of us, in the car together, the small hotel room together, eating meals together...maybe I didn't think this through all the way. (Oh well.)
It'll be fun anyway.  Grizzly Jack's here we come!