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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Damask Valentine's Dress

Here is the dress/tunic I made for my daughter to wear for pictures.  This is a pattern of my own design.  I've been sewing dresses like this for more years than I care to admit!
I haven't shown it to her yet, but she will love it!
It's super simple to make, and only took me about 2.5 hours! Yay!
(I can post a simple tutorial if you want)
Just leave me a comment!

Here's a picture of it with a flower hair clip between the straps...looks so stinkin cute!
Sometimes I wish she was still smaller, so I could dress her like this all the time.  Now she has an opinion...
But I like it, she's very original and colorful.
Here's the shirt and tie side-by-side.
They're wearing them with jeans and bare feet!
I can't wait to see how cutie patootie they look together.
She could always wear them as a set?
Maybe not...
Thanks for reading!