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Friday, February 17, 2012

I'm not a hoarder, really.

Does anybody ever watch Hoarders ?
It is relatively new on my Netflix, and I am addicted!
I can't tear my eyes away.
Every episode gets worse and worse.
They found about 75 dead cats in these peoples house.
How do you not know you have 75 dead cats!!!
This show makes me want to get rid of everything.
There are days that I feel like a fabric/clothes hoarder.
Lately a furniture hoarder.  I keep buying dressers, but the problem is that we all already have one.  I plan to refinish them, and put them....well, somewhere.
Do you know that we all have enough clothes to not do laundry for about a month.  It's crazy.  I told my daughter that we needed to cut down on her clothes, so she gave me 2 pairs of jeans and one shirt.  That means she still has too much.  Maybe stuff will just disappear into the black hole of the basement...Sad to say that even when I give stuff away we have too much, still.  She just looks cute in everything.
So, I'm not a Hoarder, really....
I have come to terms with my shopping addiction, but I also have a "Give it all to Goodwill" mentality.
The more I buy, the more I get rid of.  And now that I have an etsy shop, where I specialize in upcycling stuff I have even more reason to go thrifting, right?  :)
Well, according to my husband, wrong.  He just doesn't understand.  I made my daughter a St Patty Day dress today for about $5.  I upcycled a tee shirt that she loves, with some cheap fabric I got at the devil. (really Wal-Mart, but I can't stand that place for lots of reasons)

She is so excited to wear this to school!
And it was the easiest thing ever to make!
Hooray for easy(and Fast!)
And I can't believe that I'm so motivated this year!
I also upcycled a woman's skirt into a skirt for her.
I'll post pics tomorrow.
So, dinner is ready, Shepard's pie, a version of my own creation(not the healthiest, but it does have veggies). Yum!  Maybe I'll share that tomorrow too.