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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sparkly Valentine's Garland

This year I decided I needed to actually decorate for Valentin'e Day again.  I haven't for a few years now, either because by the time I thought about it I was too late, or I was just too lazy to bother.  :)
So I got these felt hearts with grommets on clearance last year.  They were like a buck or less at Hobby Lobby
(gotta love Hobby Lobby)
Anyway, I had no idea what to do with them...then I found these glitter glues that someone had given me (free, yay!)
So I preceded to slop a whole lot of glitter glue on the middle of each felt heart, I spread it around, strung it on some pink satin ribbon I had on hand, and TaDa!
Sparkly Valentine Banner!!
It looks great in my living room, and is the perfect length.
Almost like it was meant to be. See...

 My husband only barely hits his head on it...sometimes.

You can make one too!  Here's what you need.
  • felt hearts(you can cut them out of any color)
  • glitter glue(or glue and glitter of any kind)
  • ribbon(on hand)

That's it!
Have fun making your own banner, the kids could even help you paint the glue on the hearts.
Have fun!