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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

St Pats Tie Tee(and vintage osh kosh)

Here is what I made today.
It was super quick and super easy.
I used a Target tee(only available online)and I bought the tie iron on off a great etsy seller JellyPopChick .  I know I could have made it myself...but I love supporting other esty sellers and spreading the love!
Besides, she only charges $2 with $0.50 shipping.  For the time it would've taken me I considered it a deal!
I ironed on the tie, then I stitched around it with a small zigzag, and Voila!  Adorable tie shirt for $7.50!
I added his so cute and groovy vintage Osh Kosh Pants!  I LOVE vintage osh kosh!  No other kid at the parade will have any!
Along with my daughters cute tunic, and the dogs green hoodie, they will be the cutest kids at the parade!
It is my favorite part of St Patty's Day!
(Now that I've grown out of the green beer swilling!  HA!)
Don't hate me because I'm on the ball this year, remember that I got the Valentine's stuff done 3 days before I needed it! lol
Please share any green related things you've been working on!  I love to see others projects!