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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I. Am. Out. Of. Control.

I am.
I guess the stress of my life is finally catching up to me.  And I've seriously developed an Internet addiction.
It's very debilitating.
I spend all day online, doing nothing.
I just can't seem to figure it out right now.
I'm letting the laundry pile up
I ignore the dishes,
the grocery shopping,
the house cleaning,
my kids...
and here I am, up in the middle of the night, after my daughter puked all over everything...everywhere.  The bathroom is nasty.  :(
And I can't sleep.
I've been ignoring the gym because of the Internet. I only made it there 12 times last month. That's pathetic. In Dec, I joined on the 10th, and I was there more times. :(
Is it stress?
You betcha.
After I took over all the household finances I thought it was going to be easy, but then stuff creeps up on you, and you overspend, and voila!  No money=stress=overeating and sleeplessness.  It really blows.
Literally(my daughter, not me).

On a lighter note, I'm doing well at not drinking soda.  I got some of those water enhancers from Aldi(like Mio, but waaay cheaper) and it has been pretty easy to use at work.  It fits in my pocket and I can add it to any cup of water I get.
Which, at a hospital is plentiful.
The Aldi's has the berry pomegranate and also a strawberry watermelon flavor.  It's pretty good, since I hate the taste of plain water.
starting tomorrow I will be different.  I'm setting up an Internet restriction/limit for myself.
I get to check my email and fb and esty in the morning, with my coffee.  Then I have to stay off til I get at least one chore done.
(Hopefully once I start chores I won't be able to stop, right?)
Then I get more time online.
Sounds reasonable right?
Let's hope it really works, because if not, I need to get some professional help,
Story of my life....