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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting it together(Behind the Scenes)

Do you remember when I shared those pretty pictures of my sewing/crafting area?
Well, it is never ever that clean.  I actually moved some stuff out of the way to take pictures and then put it back!  :)
So one of my favorite bloggers shared some pics of her house in a not so organized state (her blog is wonderful though)
she calls it Ideal vs. Real
She talks about how you only get to see the perfect part of a bloggers world.  The clean house, the beautiful finished projects, the clean, neatly dressed children...but usually that is totally not the case.  I know firsthand what it feels like.  So...
 I thought I should contribute to the fun!
So here is a picture of my craft area as it usually looks.
All the time
Unless I'm expecting company!
So not perfect.