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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting it Together Part III

Hi to all of you out there who actually read this!


Really...I appreciate it.
So, on to my next great organizational project for the new year.
A Pantry!!!  YAY!
For those of you that don't know, I live in a small house.   No, not small, minuscule.  That's a better word for it.  In my kitchen I have a grand total of 6 cabinets.  Huh, 6 sounds like alot when I actually count them and write it down...
Anyway, it's not.  At all.
I got one for pots and pans and cookie sheets.
I got another for Tupperware and bowls and pitchers.
I got one for the cleaning supplies(under sink).
And I got 3 small ones for food.
I feed a family of 5!
We need way more food than that.
Obviously I do not have the room, or the money (HA!) to add on to my house...therefore VOILA!
The basement door!
What better way to utilise a much overlooked part of the house, by adding some storage to the back of the basement door.  It sure beats the top of the fridge, in plain sight(yuck).
TaDa! How does it look?

The best part is that the shelves are adjustable.  And they hold all of the snack type food, and it is within easy reach of the children.  LOOOVVVEEE this thing!  Thanks Closetmaid for creating it!  I got it at Target and you can too!
Best investment ever!
Did I mention that it is awesome?  And holds lots of food?
I did?
Oh well.