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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Growing up Reilly

Since it is my baby girls 10th Birthday, I decided to share some pics of her growing up.  I remember taking each and every one of these photos.  It doesn't seem like so long ago either. 

Happy 1st Birthday!
She loved that cake!
 Now she's 2 and so excited for her cake for breakfast!
My kids get a cake/cupcake for breakfast on their birthday.  It started when she turned 2 and continues to this day...and will for as long as she lets me do it!
 This one was taken on her birthday trip to the Miller Park Zoo. (It was from the time before digital cameras, so it is a picture of a picture.  Poor quality, I know.)
 It's my party,so I'll cry if I want to...
Angry Tinkerbell...lol
 CHEESE!  She was the 5th Birthday Princess!
 Cupcake Tower for her 6th Birthday!  Yum!
 Giant Chocolate Breakfast Cupcake on her 7th Birthday!
 Pretty smile on her 8th Birthday.
She's getting so grown up...
 Still cheesy on her 9th Birthday!
 Now for today...
I almost don't recognise the girl who is so grown-up.  Almost a lady, but always my baby girl.
The day I gave birth to you changed my life forever...
Thank you for letting me be your mama, and I hope to be along for the ride in whatever adventures you have in your life.
I love you so very much!
Thanks for reading!