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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Imagine Clutch aka Teacher Gift

I really cut it down to the last minute this year when it came to teacher gifts.
(I do it every year actually)
So glad there is only one teacher!
Anyway, this year I realized how easy it was to make a clutch, so I decided to give it a shot.  It turned out pretty cute if you ask me.
(I know you didn't, but I may or may not care.  :P)

My DD told me that her teachers favorite color is purple.
Not sure how reliable that girl is though b/c she does not have a clue what I like.  Sooo, I had this beautiful fabric that I was hoarding on hand that would be perfect!
I went online and found a free pattern for a clutch.  I made it this morning...it was very small.  I was kinda bummed, but then I just decided to make my own pattern, similar to the free one.  I love the new size much better.  Plus, it holds the goodies I bought to go inside!

I absolutely love this.  The button was a bit harder to figure out.  I didn't have a big purple button at home, so off to Joann's I go...I swear the gals who work there think I live there.  Anyhoo, did you know that there are $7 buttons?!  Until today I didn't.  I haven't bought buttons in like, forever, so I was really surprised.
Luckily, my DD was with me and found this perfect large IMAGINE one for $1.25.  And boy, after seeing all the $7 ones, that is a steal!

I'm going to stick a gift card in it too, I just can't decide which store.  Any suggestions would be helpful...