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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ikea, Chicago and The Giant Pickle

Chicago was a blast!  we started our day out at Ikea, a fabulous home stuff superstore.  I had never been there(yes, really) and I was totally in awe.  It is the biggest single store I had ever been to.  And

believe it or not, I actually ran into someone I knew, from around here!  We spent about 2 and a half hours in there, and we ate lunch, and I only managed to spend $101.34.  Which is not too shabby for my first time.  Right?  I actually had the Swedish meatballs for lunch.  They serve you a plate of 15 with a single serving of mashed potatoes and a salad and drink for $5.99.  Then I had to work it all of walking around right?  My daughter didn't do so well, she ate some of my meatballs and some of my friends.  I guess she was hungry, growth spurt right?  Besides the coffee and muffin from Starbucks for brekkie I didn't do too bad.  Then came the pizza!  Chicago style thin crust, is not real thin crust!  It was soooo good though, and I got mine with veggies, so it had some health value.    The rest of the weekend was spent downtown, we went to the American Girl Store at Watertower Place Mall.  It's like doll heaven.  My daughter couldn't decide what to look at first!  It was pretty cute.
Her friend was in major meltdown mode before we got out of there.  And I only spent $50.  Not bad considering most stuff is $30 plus! The doll, who's name is Nellie, got her hair done at the doll salon, and she could've gotten her ears pierced, but Reilly decided to wait until next time.  We moved on to the Lego store, where they had built a model of Chicago out of Lego's.  It was impressive. We moved on to eat a nice lunch outside at Potbelly Sandwiches.  That's where Laura got the "Giant Pickle".  Ry was so jealous that she didn't get one too.  We had a lovely day in Chicago, ending with a play at the park with some Chicago friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed the walking and talking the train, so did Reilly, because ya' know we're not city girls...(even though I will always want to live there)  I'm gonna stay here in my little town of Peoria Heights.  Where I can drive my car to the store, and ride my bike for fun, and visit Chicago whenever I want, because it is only a couple hour drive.  Here's a couple of more cool Chicago pix for ya.
Lego Chicago

The "Giant Pickle"

Our beautiful girls and best buds!