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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day America

This is my new bike
I got a new bike!  It's the most awesome bike ever.  It's a beach cruiser and it was only $50.  It's shiny red and has pedal brakes.  I'm not really fond of 10 speed bikes.  I never really understood what to do with all those extra speeds.  Sometimes I felt like I was pedaling really hard, and other times it was really easy.  Very confusing you see.  So I fully intend on riding this bike everyday, with the baby.  I also got an awesome deal on a baby bike trailer.  He loved riding in it yesterday.  Now I can ride it to the grocery store for small trips and to the little shops on Prospect.  There is also a part of the Rock Island Trail that runs behind my house, and I think it might run all the way to the Goodwill!  Be still my heart!  I can get exercise and go thrifting all at the same time.  I'm really looking forward to saving gas money and getting some much needed exercise.  After Reilly finally learns how to ride we can go on family bike rides!  She never really wanted to learn before.  She had a bike with training wheels on it when she was in kindergarten and first grade.  One of her friends had a birthday party at Safety Town(a cool bike riding city with road signs and traffic lights) and she didn't want the training wheels on it.  So when Daddy took them off and she fell once she wanted nothing more to do with riding a bike, until now.  She was outside all afternoon trying to learn.  I was very proud of her.  I can't wait!  Today is Labor Day and I don't have to work it.  It's kinda nice to be at home.  I have some sewing projects that I want to work on, as well as my eating habits.  I just can't seem to get it anymore.  I struggle every day, and it has become more and more difficult.  I even started taking my lunch to work and that has proven helpful, but not foolproof.  I've discovered that some days I do excellent and the rest are crap.  Once I fall off the wagon I'm done for the day.  My mom used to tell me that if I was hungry to go drink a glass of water.  I used to look at her all crazy, like whatever mom.  Little did
I know, she was actually right about that!  Most of the time when we think we are hungry our body 
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is actually telling us that we are thirsty, or bored.  Very rarely are we really hungry.  When your stomach growls it just means that it is empty. If you fill it with a glass of water or a soda or some kool-aid it will stop and you will feel better.  Voila, no extra eating.  When I first started The Food War my tummy growled all the time, now that I'm used to eating less it has become comfortable with it and therefore doesn't growl.  But when it did, I would go into the kitchen and have a big glass of something diet, or sugar free.  It would fill up my tummy and keep me from eating anything.  So remember fellow Food warriors, on this lovely holiday, don't eat stuff you will regret later.  Stuff that will make you're body unhealthy and sluggish, no matter how good it tastes.  Happy Labor Day America!
Fly your flags proudly America!