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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Alive

This is me at the Pumpkin Classic nexst year!
Well, I'm still alive.  My brother and I ran/walked 2.11 miles in 42 minutes!  It was really nice to talk with him while doing it.  The time flew by and it didn't seem like I was working out!  I've been thinking back to all the workouts I tried over the years and the only one I ever stuck to was running.  I ran for about 2 years while I was in college(for the first time) at ISU.  I don't know why I ever quit running.  I know why I stuck with it at first. At the rec center at ISU it was free to run the track.  The aerobics classes cost money, and being a poor unemployed college student I could'nt afford to go to aerobics, so running was free.  Plus there was the added bonus of hot boys playing basketball in the center of the track. It was nice to watch.  :D   My dorm neighbor, Julie used to go with me, it was nice to have someone to run with.  I would get my running tape and put it in my walkman and go!  Yes, I had a walkman!  (shows my age a bit huh)  One day Julie and I were running along and I just didn't stop when I was tired, I kept right on running with her and I finished my first mile ever!  Before that I had never ran a whole mile in my life!  I used to cheat in PE in HS.  Our PE teacher, who shall remain nameless, would give us each the amount of popsicle sticks that was equal to the amount of laps we had to run, if I could mamage I would drop some down the volleyball net holder holes.  It was totally cheating, but it worked.  Now I've come to the descision that I actually like running.  It's easy and requires no special skills or equipment.  My brother swears I'm going to run the Jingle Bell Run with him....hhhhmmmm, maybe, maybe not.  We just need to see how ready I am at that point.  I'll keep you posted!