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Friday, October 7, 2011

Another 5 Bite the Dust

This is the 5 lbs I lost! Gross!
 I guess all my hard work is paying off, just not as fast as I want it to obviously. lol  But seriously, I'v lost another 5 lbs! Really!  I work at a hospital, and we have a program the is called Lifestyle Coaching.  It is for our insurance(to keep it cheap! HA).  Well, the also have a program called Team Lean.  This is a weight loss initiative that puts people in teams of 4 and the team that loses the most weight wins!  I don't think my team is going to win, well, because not everyone is doing their best, but it looks good for the lifestyle coach, huh?  So anyway, I weighed in today and had lost 5 lbs! WOOHOO! Very exciting for me.  I actually got off the scale and did a little dance!  I felt silly, but happy too! It is real motivation to see that stuff.  The girl at the weigh-in actually asked me what my secret was.  I couldn't think of a thing to say besides, "For the first time in my life I actually pay attention to what I eat."  Duh, I forgot to put in the running too, but since it is still kind of sporadic I guess I don't think about it.  It was exactly what I needed to see and hear today.  It really made my day.  Even after all the dumb stuff I stress ate this week.  It isn't an excuse to still do it, but I can say it didn't completely de-rail me!  I never thought it was possible for me to actually lose weight while actually trying.  I've never actually tried for an extended period of time in my whole life.  This is fierce!!  I am a competitor, and I will do this!  Keep me in your thoughts!  :D