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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kiss and Be Scared

This is where I wanted to go
Hi again, I can't believe it's been a week since I blogged!  Not much of consequence has happened in the last week, so I guess you didn't miss anything. HA!  So my DH isn't feeling the love right now.  He erupted on Thursday and spewed all his feelings at me very angrily.  I was really at a loss.  He basically told me in a 30 or so minute rant that he didn't feel loved by me anymore.  Hhhhmmmm...  I asked him what I needed to do to help him feel loved, and he wouldn't tell me.  He says that it has been happening for about a year and a half, which is exactly as long as I've had my "new" job.  But of course this doesn't have anything to with my job, he rants.  After much discussion and a text message answered at 6 am but my DD, things have hopefully been resolved.  For now.  We decided that we need to spend more time together without the kids, as a way for us to connect better.  So last night we went to the Bartonville Insane Asylum Haunted House.  He was terrified even before we got there.  He has a huge fear of ghosts.  He says he used to see them all the time when he was younger.  I told him he would be fine, and I was, of course, right.  It was really fun.  Not only did we get to spend 3 hours together in line waiting to get it...I actually screamed a few times.  Not in terror, but because something jumped out at me!    The lead up was pretty creepy too, they told the story of A. Bookbinder.  He is one of the only patients 
This is where we got to go

to have a name on his grave.  It's very creepy.  Too bad some stupid jackass answered his phone at that part, and was a royal ass the whole rest of the time.
Haunted Cemetery

The building we got to tour was at one time the TB ward.  Upward of 4000 people were reported to have died in there.  WOW! No wonder it's haunted!  Did you know that being scared ever once in a while is good for you?  It gets the heart racing and gives it a little exercise, so it can keep running smoothly for a long time.  So this time of year is great for your heart!  At about 1 am, after the haunted infirmary we took the hay rack ride to the old cemetery.  I totally didn't know that it was open to the public, I really want to go back some afternoon and find the grave of A. Bookbinder.  And take some of my own pictures.  These are ones I borrowed off the internet, and I know mine would be tons better!  I did manage to take a bunch with my camera phone while on the hay rack, and sadly they were all black, except this one.  Let me know what you see, and remember being scared is good for you.  As long as it's not all the time.  :D