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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where does the fat go?

Has anyone ever wondered where the fat goes when you lose it?  I have, so I thought I'd do some research about it just because I'm curious.  I read an article that says that you can lose as much weight as you want, but you will still remain in the same shape.  For example, if you are pear shaped, or apple shaped(like me) you will always be that shape, just a skinner version.  Boohoo, I was hoping to gain a bigger butt! Just kidding, I know I'm stuck with the back-crack I was born with.  So anyway, back to where the fat goes...

Did you know that average weight people can have between 10 and 30 billion fat cells?  And that overweight people can have upward of 100 million?  The sad part is that you cannot get rid of these, except with liposuction.  The good news is that they can be shrunk.  That is part of how they work.  As you eat less and exercise to lose weight, your body needs more fuel, so it burns the stored energy inside your fat cell.  Pretty cool huh? 
This article also says that big belly(again, like me) is worse than big butt.  Again, wishing I had a big butt here.
Though it could potentially be too big.  Ya know.  
Anyway...they say the harm caused by a big belly far outweighs the harm caused by a big butt. Belly fat gets in the way of your abdominal organs and is metabolically active.  Which means that it disrupts the way your body runs normally.  So if you're like me and have a big belly you should get rid of it! Now! Your health is in jeopardy!  (Whew, had to get my Mr. Obvious comment out of the way. ) After your body metabolizes the fat stores it literally melts away, leaving water and CO2.  You pee or sweat out the water and breathe out the excess CO2.  Voila! This is where the fat goes! 

If you're more curious as to the biochemical aspect of it you can read this article here.   It's funny, because with all my education on how to lose weight, and eat better I never actually knew exactly where the fat went.  I knew it went away, but I didn't know how or where.  So, I learned something new today, and hope you did too!
Someday my belly will be this small, maybe a little jiggly still, but that's ok.