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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gondola Overload and Chocolate Theives

I swear to goodness sake that Avanti's Gondolas were created to be the death of me!  If you didn't know it is Respiratory Care Week.  This is a week(sad that we only get a week, while nurses get a month) where we celebrate being Respiratory Therapists and all of the home care companies bring in lunch and goodies for us all week.  So, yesterday it was Avanti's.  I did so well at dinnertime. I had some salad and about half a gondola.  It was more than I needed, but since they are my favorite, I splurged.  I was full, but I figured that since I still had half of my shift to go I would work some of it off.  So far so good right?  Nope...when I got back down to the department at 10:00 pm, I ate another half!  At that point I was so full that I was uncomfortable!  I immediately regretted it!   I almost wanted to try and make myself hurl, but that would make me bulemic.  And I know better than that.  :)  So I suffered through a too full tummy.  It was terrible, and I know I never want to do it again, but I also know that at some point I probably will.  Oh well.  C'est la vie!  Last Friday I put a Milky Way into my mailbox because I didn't want to eat it then, but I knew I would want it later. So I get back to work last night and someone had stolen it!  The nerve of some people!  My favorite candy bar, and I had the restraint not to eat it.

Stupid Jackass!  I hope karma gets them!  I put a note on my
mailbox too, it said" Whoever stole my Milky Way out of my mailbox is a jackass.  I'm pissed.  Keep your hands off my shit!"  I hope it makes them feel bad.  But it probably won't.  And the people I work with wonder why I don't want to hang out with them.  Some of them suck!  I know what you're thinking, It's only a candy bar!  But you should know not to mess with a fat girl and her food!  It's like murder! lol  On another note,  I'm going to start walk/running with my sister-in-law on Thurs(my day off this week). She's lost 55 lbs and is an inspiration to me right now!  Still struggling with this food war, but it's a lifestyle change so it doesn't happen overnight!  Thanks for reading!