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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Captain America aka Max

There he is...
Captain America
He love love loves his costume. He wouldn't take it off yesterday.  He wore it to the post office, the thrift store and wanted to wear it to school.  I had to make him take it off for school. Silly boy.
When he told me that is who he wanted to be, I had to sketch it out in my head.  The outfit is actually pretty simple if you think about it.
I used this pattern for the basic shape, I just left the front open and attached the hood.
The best part?  I have used this pattern for the last 3 years to make his costumes.  Last year he was a monkey, the year before he was Max-The King of the Wild Things.
The A and the star were probably the most difficult part.  I had to draw my own pattern for them, but I think it turned out just right.
The costume is very basic, and that is why I like it.
It is very childlike.  No fake muscles and skintight jumpsuits. And all store bought super-hero costumes have a mask.  He is not allowed to wear a mask to school.
 As you can see, he loves it.
A lot.
Look at how sweet he is.

Thanks for reading!
 There is my King of the Wild Things and my little monkey.  You can't see his tail, but it was the best part, it was curly.  :D