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Monday, October 29, 2012

Jack Skellington Pillow Cover

I pinned this great pillow cover last Halloween here.
I knew I could make a similar one because I love Jack so much!  It is one of my all time favorite movies and my kids love it too!
The best part?  It was really easy!!
Here's a list of supplies
  • 2 fat quarters(any color you want)
  • Approx 10 inch square of white fleece or felt
  • 8x10 inch piece of black fleece or felt
  • sewing machine, thread, etc.
  • 14 inch pillow form
I like to change my pillows to match the season or the holiday so it is way easier to store a cover opposed to a whole pillow.  Plus I have young children so it is easy to wash if you do it this way.
First thing you do is trace something round onto your white piece of fabric.  I used a standard size dinner plate.  I also used my rotary cutter and mat to make this part super simple.

 Next I ironed the fat quarters to make them crease free and cut one into a 15x15 square.(Next time I will do a 16x16 so it gives some wiggle room).  The other one I cut into approx a 15 x 22 rectangle.  Basically just cut 3 inches off of the long side.  Then I free-handed the facial features.  The eyes I styled off of pictures I googled and the nostrils are tiny teardrop shapes.  The mouth stitches are too wide here, I cut them each in half length-wise before sewing them on.  It was simple, I promise!

 I sewed on the head with white thread in a zigzag stitch.

Then I sewed on the eyes and nose with black in a basic stitch.  Then the mouth in the same way.  That was the time consuming part.  

The 15x22 inch piece got cut in half to make the back envelope part of the cover.  So the pieces are approx 11x15.

I did a fold over hem on one 15 inch side of each back piece.  Next, I overlapped both back pieces and matched them up to the outside edges of the cover front.  Right sides together of course!

The last thing to do, is sew around the whole square cover.  After you are done, turn it right side out through the envelope back that you just made, and VOILA!  Pillow cover!!!

I think it looks awesome!
Thanks for reading!