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Thursday, October 4, 2012

PVC Pipe Garment Rack Do-Over

 As you all know, in August I made a PVC Pipe Garment Rack.
It turned out pretty cool and I was proud that I made it myself.
I am a perfectionist(mostly) and it just wasn't working like it was supposed to.  So I did what anyone would do...
I re-did it!

It really works out so much better now.  It holds a ton of stuff too!
The directions are super easy.
If you made the old one and just need to re-do like me...
All you have to buy is one more 4-way connector and cut 5 inches off each of your 40 inch pieces...
Supply List
1. 10 foot piece of 1 inch PVC pipe cut like this

          3 pieces of 35 in
          4 pieces of 18 inch
          3 pieces of 5 inch
          4 pieces of 12 inch
2. 6 elbows
3. 3 3-way connectors
4. 4 4-way connectors
You should have 14 cut pieces of pipe.  The people at Menard's will cut it for you if you ask real nice.
Here is a pic of what the bottom looks like, for reference.

 Here is the crappy diagram I made on paint!
Hope it helps.
The easiest way to put it together is to lay it out like the diagram and then just connect the pieces!
Voila! Done!
Thanks for reading!


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for, something easy to build because I have no craftmanship whatsoever. I will follow your instructions and see what I can come up with.

    I will be making two of these. I actually want to make a garment rack & a room divider to block the view from the hallway of my loft when you open the door.
    I will post again.

  2. How sturdy have you found this to be? I'm considering building some for a school uniform consignment sale I'm organizing, and this seems like a good option for the two week sale that could then be unassembled afterward. Thanks for sharing your idea!

    1. It works great for my stuff, and at my yard sales. It would be sturdier if it was glued together at all the places where the pipe meets. You could always gule parts of it together, but not all. Then it would be easier to take apart and store. Maybe where the seams meet in the middle at the top and on the legs. I've also found that the bigger the pipe, the sturdier the rack. I hope this helps. :)


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