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Friday, October 19, 2012

My Halloween Decor

Do you decorate for Halloween?
I do!
Halloween is my favorite!!!!
Here is a little peek of some of my Halloween decor, I hope it inspires you to decorate your house.  :)
My makeshift "mantel".  I love my Jack-o-Lantern Scentsy!
(I don't have a fireplace)
Here is a side table with some Halloween pics of my babies through the years...so cute!
The graveyard my awesome hubs made for me.
The banner(I got a Target) that I hang over my frame wall.
(More Target)
Hubs made me this skull.  I think it looks like it has a big bushy mustache, but hey, mustaches are in right??
My entry is a tad blah, maybe I'll make it over next spring!
B/c you know, paint is magic!
 It's glittery, but in this pic you can't tell.

Hope you enjoyed the pics of my Halloween decor.  I like to go all out, but I do not like those inflatable things.  They are big and obnoxious and I wish I could just drive down the road and shoot at them with BB guns!  lol
Hope you have a safe and happy Halloween!