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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thrift Store Score #6: Zippers Galore

I love these posts! The problem most of the time is that I find so much great stuff that it is hard to pick just one!
Look at all those zippers!
Every one of them is brand new and awesome!
(Did I tell you that I learned how to put in a zipper finally?)
And I kid you not, I got all of this stuff for $2.10.
$0.10 per zipper and $0.30 for each seam binding.
I don't even know what seam binding is for, but it is so pretty...
Love the little purple zip...I can't wait to make stuff with them.
See, the seam binding is so pretty and lacy.  It might make some fun trim for a skirt.  I love the retro coral one.
Thanks for reading!