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Monday, October 22, 2012

Little Girl Patchy-Bag

I have a birthday party to go to this weekend.
For a very special little girl and I wanted to make her something that is as fun and vibrant as she is.
This is the perfect size bag for a soon to be 9 year old.
 It is also a cinch to make out of all those little scraps of fabric that you thought were of no use.
I simply modified the Shabby Chick Ruffle Bag tute here.
I made the squares 4x4 and the lining 11x10.
11 across and 10 vertically.
(does that make sense?)
The notches out of the bottom are only 1 inch & the strap can be any length you want.
I used as many different kinds of fabric as I could.
I think it turned out super cute!
 She's going to love it!!!
Now I just have a few more to make so I always have one on hand for those last minute school party invites.
That always get "found" by my daughter at the last minute.