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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shabby 'Chick' Ruffle Crossbody Bag {tutorial}

Finally, I promised a tutorial...so ta-da!
This is most likely an intermediate sewing project, it is best to have some experience. Here is a supply list.

1 yard material for bag
1/2 yard for lining(can be contrasting, but not necessary)
1/2 yard interfacing to make the bag sturdy
Thread, scissors, measuring tape, etc.

Cut out all pattern pieces as measured in picture.
     The outer, lining and interfacing.

Then cut out the ruffle pieces.  Use the fold and cut 2 peices that are 6 inches long and go from one selvedge to the other.
The pic says to cut 3, but that is wrong you only need 2 because you will cut them in half on the fold.
After you get them cut out, sew them together tube style, turn right side out and iron.
Ironing makes for great crisp lines, and it makes your stitching tighter.  :)
Then pin the ruffles onto the front of the bag.
It is waaay easier than it looks.
I start with the ends, then I pin the middles, then the middles of each side.
Does that make sense?
I also pin the ruffles through the front and the interfacing.  This makes it more sturdy.
Then I sew on the ruffles.
(I forgot to photograph this part)
All I do is stuff the material under the presser foot as I sew.  You can do the ruffles any way you like!
Next you construct the lining and the bag.
(Interior pocket instructions here. )
Place the peices face together and sew the sides, then the bottom.  (fyi: I use 1/4 inch seam allowance) I also serged to make it that much sturdier, but there is no need to, because all exposed seams are hidden.
Remember to leave an opening for turning on the lining piece (or seam rip it later like I did.) ha!
Now here is the tricky part.  The corners...
I'll let the pictures do the talking here.

Do this for both corners, for the lining and the bag.
Then turn the bag right side out.
It should be looking pretty cute at this point...
Put the right side out bag INTO the wrong side out lining.  Be sure to match up the side seams, and sew it all the way around the top.

After that, go find the hole you left in the lining and turn your bag right side out!
You are so close to being done!!!
Tuck the lining into the bag and you are ready to attach your strap.
(Again no pictures, sorry)
My strap is made from the leftover ruffle piece.
I cut it in half, and sewed it together to get a piece that was 4x45.  I used a 1 1/2x45 piece of interfacing to make it sturdy.  I folded it in half right sides together and sewed down the long end, I turned it right side out and ironed it.  Then I fed the lining through with a safety pin(kinda like elastic).  After that I tucked the ends in and sewed them shut.  It was kinda time consuming, but it worked for me.  Do yours however you want.  :)
I sewed the strap on with a square and an x to give it strength, because, let's face it, I put a lot of crap in my bag.
There it is, all finished.
I love this bag, now I have all kinds of ideas on different variations.  I already made another one, with interior pockets and no lining peeking out!  next up is a flannel version for my daughters friends birthday next month!  It is going to have raw hem ruffles and strap!  Can't wait!
I love to create!
Thanks for reading this!

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