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Monday, March 5, 2012

T-Shirt Monsters! AAAhhh!

My daughter has been "dying" for me to teach her to sew.
Not really, but those are her exact words.
I was at Joann's the other day and I came across this beginners sewing book.  So, with my 40% off coupon, I bought it.  Right up her alley...
She picked out our first project.
T-Shirt Monsters!
What I really liked about this book is that it is all about hand sewing.  She's only 9, so she is not ready for machine sewing yet. (according to me) Soon...
I let her pick out of my fabric to be recycled and we got started.  She even got to use the rotary cutter and mat.  She liked that part.
First I showed her how to pin both sides together.
Then she threaded the needle and got to sewing.
She did very well and I am so proud of her.
She did the same at the bottom, but remembered to leave a hole for the stuffing.  She liked the stuffing part.
(See the kitty mascot.  He always has to be part of the fun.)
Then I let her pick out scraps for the face and accessories.
She was somewhat patient, but it turned out well.
She was so proud of herself, she even went on to make 2 more all by herself.  That's my girl!
She named her monster Rainbow Devil
(because it has horns)
Her baby brother keeps trying to steal it, I guess I need to make him one.  Someday, soon...
Here's a sneak peak of a future tutorial...
Ruffle bag!

Thanks for reading!