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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rubber Band Muscles

As most of you know, I am trying to become healthier all around.  By eating better and working out.
It is hit and miss most most days.
I like going to the gym, but I always wonder how effective I am at stretching out afterwards.
I no longer get muscle cramps at night. So that's a plus.
I found a couple of good articles about stretching
here and here .
But for the sake of time, I will give you a synopsis.
Know what muscles you are working, before you stretch.
For example, if you are a runner you really need to focus your stretching on the leg muscles.
If you lift weights you need to focus on those muscles.
It is best to warm up before you stretch.  I actually don't stretch until I am finished with my workout.  Then I know for sure that my muscles are nice and warm.  You never  want to stretch a cold muscle, it would probably hurt and you could tear a muscle.  Not to mention that it is highly ineffective.
Imagine your muscle to be a rubber band.
You put it in the freezer, then try to stretch it to it's limit.  It doesn't work very well, it might even snap.  But if you work it slowly, rolling it around in your hand and stretching it ever so slightly, eventually it will stretch to it's limit very easily.
Muscles are just like that.
You should also hold your stretch, and breathe out while holding.  No bouncing, it is also ineffective.
Start slowly, don't push yourself.  If you can't stretch very far the first time, don't fret.  Keep it up and eventually you will get there.  The most important thing to remember is don't forget to stretch. 
On another note...
I'm still doing well with the no soda thing.  Way better than I ever thought possible.  I don't even miss it (anymore).
Sometimes I go out to a restaurant and order a diet whatever, until I catch myself and change it to iced tea.  :)
I guess I feel better too, but I haven't noticed.
I've been meeting my friend Becky at the gym every so often and that makes it easier to go.  She is a crazy gym addict, she actually has 2 gym memberships!  Now that's dedication!
Too bad I have a husband and kids...(kidding) that monopolize almost all my time!
Hope ya'll have a good day!